Nueveochenta en red

Nueveochenta en red is a platform that comprises a collection of virtual books aimed at a broad audience that wishes to know more about the new proposals of contemporary art in Colombia.

Viewers, collectors, critics, students and the general public have free access to the various monographs that are available on Nueveochenta en red. To date, texts have been written and published on Fernando Uhía and Jaime Tarazona by Santiago Rueda, on Natalia Castañeda by Natalia Gutiérrez, and on Saúl Sánchez by Nicolás Gómez Echeverri.

With this project, Nueveochenta advocates a wider communication between art and the public. It is also committed to promoting a group of writers who explore new ways in which to approach art. Finally, it is committed to Nueveochenta en red 
as a tool that connects, provides content, promotes discussion and offers up-to-date information.