El patio

El Patio is a project oriented towards presenting proposals that intervene in the gallery's internal garden.
The principal objective of this project is to activate a space in which new plastic proposals are generated based on the characteristics of this particular space within the gallery, which is exposed to the elements. It is a project that accommodates all types of proposal in the absence of a central theme for the interventions. Likewise, it is a space open to any artist who wishes to send us their project.

Those interested in participating in this open call must register in order to receive the application form by email. Each proposal must include a page of explanatory text and images that visualize the intervention. Once the proposals have been received, a selection committee will assess the projects and schedule the selected proposals. 

The interventions have a duration of approximately two months and are developed under an agenda independent of that used for the exhibitions scheduled in the gallery space.The development of these projects is not assigned a budget and so each artist must guarantee the financing of their proposal.

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Orillas Negras, 2019,

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